MegaCosm highly cares about your privacy and data protection.

We are committed to offering the highest standards of products and services. Thus, we value each of our existing or prospective client and aim at maintaining appropriate protection of your personal data (“Data”).


The MegaCosm Online Privacy Policy explains how MegaCosm collects and processes your Data when you use our website, app or other digital platforms (“Platforms”), when you purchase MegaCosm products via our Platforms, or when you apply for a job at MegaCosm online as required by the data protection laws in the countries in which we do business, such as the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. This Policy applies to those Platforms which provide for a link to it. Country-specific amendments referred to below also apply to consumers in those countries and may in some cases additionally apply to offline Data collection. If so, the Country-specific amendment will disclose that it applies to online and offline Data collection.

Country-specific amendments referred to below may in some cases additionally apply to offline Data collection. If so, the Country-specific amendment will disclose that it applies to online and offline Data collection.

MegaCosm has implemented a robust data protection compliance program, which includes the adoption of the high-standard data protection principles of the applicable data protection laws at a global level and in particular the:


A) conclusion of an Intra Group Data Transfer Agreement (“IGTA”), which are based on the EU Standard Contractual Clauses. They should ensure the same level of protection by all MegaCosm entities and allow transfers of Data within MegaCosm organization globally;

B) creation of a Data Protection Office and a network of local data protection contacts;

C) adoption of internal policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations;

D) implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures to implement the data protection principles


The specific type and scope of Data we collect about you depend on your activity on, and interaction with, the Platforms (e.g., whether you only browse through our Platforms or purchase a product or subscribe to our marketing communication) as well as the country in which you use the Platforms. The following Data may be collected through our Platforms :

    a)  Information collected when you use the MegaCosm Platforms for informative purposes only

  • Information relating to your website use (“Log Data”) :

When you use our Platforms for informative purposes only (e.g., you do not register on, purchase via or otherwise submit your Data through the website), your internet browser automatically collects, and transfers to us, certain basic information relating to your website use. Such Log Data may include :

  • A)your browser type and version,

B)your operating system and interface,

C)used device,

D)language preference,

E)the website from which you are visiting us (referrer URL),

F)webpage(s) you are visiting on our Platforms,

G)date and time of your visit

H)your actions taken on the Platforms

I)he name of your access provider.

J)Information processed by external social media providers (“Social Media Data”):



Our Platforms contain share buttons that enable you to share MegaCosm content with your friends through third party media platforms and /or social networks (such  Instagram, “External Platforms”). The mere use of our Platforms does generally not involve data processing activities (including data transfers) in relation to the External Platforms. However, when you use the share button, these External Platforms may collect and otherwise process personal data about you.



For more information about the scope and purposes of the data processed by the External Platform provider, including your rights and setting option to protect your privacy, please see the privacy notice of the respective External Platform provider.


  • Information processed through cookies (“Cookie Data”) :


We use cookies and similar technologies when operating our Platforms. Cookie-based processing of your Data is subject to Section 9 below.


  • Information on parties to fight counterfeiting (“Anti-Counterfeit Data”) :


In order to fight against counterfeiting and infringement, MegaCosm  has set up automated processes to collect information on companies or individuals who commit or are likely to commit acts that violate our rights in the context of the Platforms. This information will be accessible to any company legally authorized to use the MegaCosm trademarks that has been a victim of such violations, for the purpose of taking action or any necessary measures to protect their rights.  We collect the following Anti-Counterfeit Data :

A)identification information
B)postal address
C)information related to any electronic means used for counterfeit activities
D)judiciary information related to proceedings

b) Information collected when you purchase a CHANEL product (“Purchase Data”)

If you purchase a MegaCosm product through our Platforms, we will collect Data through the purchase form to process the purchase order.
If you purchase a MegaCosm product through your account (see Section c) below), we additionally process your purchase history.

c) Information collected when you create an account on the Platform (“Account Data”)

If you create an account on the Platform to be able to order faster, track your order, create and keep your wishlist and / or receive exclusive news about MegaCosm products (if requested), we will collect Account Data through the account creation form.

d) Information collected when you subscribe to the MegaCosm newsletter or other marketing communication (“Marketing Data”)

If you subscribe to our newsletter or other marketing communication via the Platforms in order to receive information on MegaCosm collections, products, campaigns, shows and other events, we will collect Marketing Data through the Newsletter subscription form. 

e) Information collected when you otherwise interact with us via the Platforms (“Request Data”)

  • The Platforms enable you or facilitate to get in touch with us, including to exercise your rights under Section 8 (as applicable), or share your opinion on MegaCosm products and services in many other ways than described above, e.g., via e-mail, telephone, letter or a data subject access request. The collection of Data depends on how you interact with us and what information you provide us with. If you contact us via the contact us form available on the Platforms, we collect the following Data 
    • title / gender,
    • name (first name and surname),
    • email address,
    • further Data you share on a voluntary basis (e.g. postal address, phone number, your concern), and


  • If you make a service request (e.g., repair order, booking or warranty claim), we may collect the following Data :

    • topic,
    • title / gender,
    • name (first name and surname),
    • contact details,
    • product purchased,
    • date of purchase, and
    • further details relevant to address your request.


The company reserves the right to change the terms without the consent of the customer.






How to get an order
To order, you need to follow a few simple steps:
1. Selection of products

 Select the product you want (for example, unisex, female, male). A page will be opened for you, where the products are presented with prices, as well as a small photo and some of the most important features. Click on the link where the product model is indicated, you can see the most detailed list of features that characterize you.


2. We put the goods in the basket
After selecting the model you want, click the "Buy" button. The product will automatically move to your cart. You can add any number to the cart


3. Your cart
To place an order, go to the "Cart" section. See your cart. You can change the number of items in the cart or delete the ones you do not need.


4. Place your order
To place an order, you must click the "Pay" button, then select the payment method. When you choose the payment method, your order will appear again.
 "Pay and send the order" will then place your order and you will receive the product you ordered.

Delivery is carried out throughout Russia! СДЭК. 


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